The MAK Brewery experience

Nine guys with the same idea…

On a starry night, nine friends came together. All of them with one passion, one dream: to create their own beer and to spread their love for the liquid gold. They decided to put all the prejudices aside and started cooking together. What started off as a simple side project, turned into a life-changing experience. This journey, we wish to share with you. The support of everyone around us, gave us the energy to pursue this project. Now it’s your turn to experience our journey. Through this website you will discover our beer, our taste and our story!

Welcome to the MAK Brewery!

Who we are

Het Nieuwsblad 18/05/2018

Nine beer lovers 

Nine dudes with only one dream: brewing beer, creating new beers, and tasting beer. We believe drinking beer has to be more than just sipping from a bottle. It is an experience. We try to find the food that perfectly complements our beer and the temperature that brings out the best flavour. Beer is more than people think. With MAK Brewery we want to bring artisanal, local beer closer to our fans. Stay tuned to be up to date with our newest experiences.


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