An event is incomplete without a MAK Brewery beer.

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Single Yeast Technology

EXPERIMENT ALARM! Yeast is without a doubt the most precious ingredient for a lovely beer. It ensures that the sugars are being transformed into alcohol during the fermentation. Without a successful fermentation, a beer won’t taste like it should. Furthermore, it hands off aromas which give every beer a distinct flavour. To make sure we understand this important aspect of brewing, we decided to call in a new experiment: The Single Yeast Technology. Today, we brewed a simplistic beer and divided it into four different fermentation tanks. In every tank, we injected a different yeast. In two months, we will taste what makes every yeast so unique. This experience will be useful for the future.

Operation HERMS: The MAKing of

We’re proud to tell you that we’re working on a new brewing installation.

But what’s a HERMS? 

HERMS stands for Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System. The one we’re building consists of three tuns in which we’ll brew our beer. A HLT, a MT and a boil tun. While heating the coil-water in the HLT (Hot Liquid Tun) we pump our beer through a copper tube which will create a heat exchange. Via this technique we’ll be able to keep the temperature stable, which is essential in brewing. It’s a very artisanal way of brewing.

As newbies to this way of brewing, we’re constantly learning new things about the technique.

We’ll keep you posted! 

Operation Brewing Room

For our professional start we wanted to invest in a professional brewing room. Nine men, eighteen strong hands, make light work. Our new room will give us the ability to brew more often. The famous beer wall will soon be hung up. We’re also working on a very new brewing installation.

Let us know what you think of it! 

Experimento Lúpolo

After the Single Yeast Technology experiment (click here) we thought it was time for yet another experiment. This time the complicated world of hop would be our research area. Hops were originally added to beer to extend the expiration date. Today we can’t imagine beer without the aroma of hops in it.

To experiment with hops, we wanted to harvest our own hops. Today we started our very own micro hop plantation. We planted Whitbreads Golding Variety, Goldings and Cascade.