How it all started

It all started with the sentence…

“Come on guys, seriously, let’s brew beer!”

Our passion for beer started years ago. A few members of a social youth association started a beer wall. They called themselves MAK, which means ‘men’. Five years later now, that same wall still grows every year. We’re proud to be the owners of a Belgian beer wall which consists of more than a thousand different beer bottles.

On a starry night in May 2017, nine buddies decided to enter a new world. What started as a minimalistic hobby, turned into a life‑changing passion. Together we spent many hours in the studio, and the beer wall brought us constant inspiration and motivation.

We were lucky enough to know someone who had some experience in the world of brewing. A special thanks to Wim who taught us the basics of brewing. This whole project wouldn’t have come this far without him.

“Brewing beer is making soup for men.’

— Wim